LegalConference™, created by lawyers for lawyers, has nearly 20 years experience providing videoconferencing services to the legal community and is the only service that allows for secure live document exchanges without the need for e-mail or faxing, all in one easy-to-use program. LegalConference™ is one of the most efficient server side software packages available, accommodating attorneys with tight schedules, allowing them to meet clients and colleagues online, and serving as a neutral environment for mediation or settlements.   Website

SecureClientFile is one of the only services to provide secure storage of documents in a protected offline vault-like environment, to be viewed only after a qualified representative requests to enable a special invitation from our proprietary software.  Website

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LawyersListings is a no cost listing service for sole practioners and law firms desiring an Internet presence.  In addition, LawyersListings provides the general public with a simple yet comprehensive reserach tool, LAWCHEK, with which to locate a lawyer.  Website

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HouseList was designed to provide a no cost listing for anyone selling a home, renting a property, or actively a member of the real estate community.  You can find realtors, contractors, home inspectors, etc. all provided at no cost through our unified database.  We also provide real estate news, links to useful resources and articles, featured homes, realtor websites, and comprehensive packages for realtors.  Website

HomeCheck™ provides home owners no cost access to home inspectors, appraisers, architects, contractors, designers, landscapers, etc. in the field of home review and repair. HomeCheck™ makes available open directories in an easy to use format with no middle man between the home owner and the home service representative. The HomeCheck™ service is intended to help home owners make contact with a home check specialist in their location and to keep the business in their community.  Website

lawyer logoLawsOnline™ provides quick research links to Federal and State statutes, cases, and rules, legal research, law schools, law reviews, and an array of other useful links used by the legal community, such as directories for law firms, expert witnesses, court reporters, private investigators, etc.  Website

LAWCHEK™ began in 1990 with a product intended to answer basic legal questions with the use of a glossary of terms, a Q&A format, and a series of forms for the twelve most common disciplines of the law.  The program was designed to assist law office clients and library patrons, and to be user-friendly for those who were not computer literate. In 1991, the American Library Association commissioned a study of reference librarians throughout the United States, which found that approximately 70% of patrons encountered difficulty accessing legal information, mostly due to the fact that the legal system of reference is uniquely designed for attorneys and the judiciary.  In 1994, LAWCHEK™ started providing legal forms and directory services to libraries across the country.  In late 1997, LAWCHEK™ entered into the law office market through the delivery of a robust array of legal products.  Website™

OnlineInsurance™ provides a no cost, secure storage vault for anyone wanting to back up images and documentation of personal property in case of fire, theft or unforeseen events. OnlineInsurance™ can also be used to share specific information with insurance agents, which allows consumers the freedom to choose which agent is permitted access to which insured property files.  Website

Enlighten™ SEO Clean-Up

enlighten™ provides everything from SEO management to assisting businesses with clean-up and editing of incorrect listing information regarding their online presence.  Inaccurate information, such as an outdated address and phone numbers or conflicting URLs, can undermine the promotion of a business.  We provide a one-stop solution.

MediicalOnline™ is in the developmental stage and will be beta-tested in the first quarter of 2020.  MedicalOnline is a resource rich database for the elderly community, which provides directories and information on senior care facilities and allows for the secure storage of medical files.